YOUR LETTERS: No plans to alter school transport policy

Coun Patricia Bradwell. EMN-150828-165222001
Coun Patricia Bradwell. EMN-150828-165222001
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I’d like to reply to the misleading information in the letter from district councillor Paul Foyster in the Spalding Guardian on December 17.

He refers to Mr Flindall’s “campaign against the proposed withdrawal of funding for transport to Spalding Grammar School”.

I understand Mr Flindall has set up a petition on the 38 degrees website asking Lincolnshire County Council to drop plans to withdraw the entitlement of free school transport for grammar school pupils in Lincolnshire.

This isn’t, and has never been, the intention of this review and I would like to clarify the work that Lincolnshire County Council is currently undertaking on grammar school transport.

In response to a petition received by Lincolnshire County Council asking for certain areas of the county to be included in designated transport areas, I asked the children and young people scrutiny committee to undertake a review on grammar school transport.

A task group consisting of nine councillors was set up to look at the current transport policy and whether any changes were needed.

As part of this review, the task group recently invited a selection of stakeholders, including parents and school staff, to meet with councillors to further their understanding of how the policy is currently working and whether there are any issues or concerns, and to ask for any suggestions on how the policy could be changed to make it clearer, fairer or better.

At the end of the review, the task group will produce a report setting out its findings and conclusions, and put forward some recommendations to the executive committee for its consideration.

This report, which will be publicly available, will be considered by the children and young people scrutiny committee on March 4 and then by the executive committee on April 5.

I would like to reiterate that this is a review of the current policy by councillors.

It is not a formal consultation and there are currently no proposals to change the existing grammar school transport policy.