YOUR LETTERS: No-one taking responsibility for Spalding steps fall

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I parked in the retail park near Brantano’s in Spalding and, walking towards Argos, I was met with a man bleeding from a head wound. He came from the direction of Swan Street and was standing with two women.

He explained he was coming down the steps alongside Brantano’s (Holland Market Retail Park) where cones had been placed on individual steps as these had been repaired. He had made his way around them only to lose his footing.

An ambulance was called on 999 and once the ambulance arrived I left him in the capable hands of the paramedics and the two other women.

I phoned South Holland District Council to ask why the steps had not been securely barricaded off, for the safety of the general public?

I voiced my concern, as the steps are still being used.

I was told: “This is nothing to do with us it’s the public highways department.”

They kindly put me through, it rang, and was answered promptly. Again, I was quoted… “If the steps are off the public highway of Swan Street it is nothing to do with us, maybe if you go into Brantano’s they will know who to contact.”

Off I go to Brantano’s and spoke with a women there, explaining the reason for my enquiry.

Her reply: “I have no idea who owns the retail park, they must be using up the spare money they have left.

“I know what to do in an emergency within the building, maybe the parking attendant will know – he should be out there somewhere.”

I went in search of the parking attendant but unfortunately he was nowhere to be found.

The steps remain unsafe and there is no tape or diversion sign in place.

However, I do believe there to be a CCTV camera in operation above these steps.