YOUR LETTERS: No-one seems interested in my Spalding planning problem

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I am currently in the process of objecting to a neighbour’s application for planning permission for a two-storey side and rear extension, which will result in overshadowing and a view of a large expanse of brick wall.

I have addressed all of the planning issues, including loss of natural light but have been amazed that there is nowhere to take the real issues and impact of the proposed work.

No-one seems interested in the devastating emotional effects this could have.

On compiling my objection letter, it became painfully apparent that local councils have absolutely no consideration for the impact that their decisions have on people’s lives. They only wish to consider planning issues.

I spend all week working with people – teaching them how to take control and empower themselves to reduce feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and loss of control. I now experience these feelings myself.

My leisure time at the weekend involves working in and spending time in my garden and home, enjoying the privacy and solitude that is offers.

This pleasure is to be taken away from me – my new outlook will be a brick wall two storeys high.

My sunlight will be no more. My plants will suffer from lack of light and die. My home will be plunged into darkness and lose its value.

But these aren’t considered to be planning issues.

I have lived in my home for 17 years and hoped to retire here.

My quality of life and future plans are not important though.

There are plenty of large houses on the market. Why turn a simple three-bedroom house into a blot on the landscape of ridiculous proportions?

This is an acknowledgement to all those brow-beaten people out there whose lives have been destroyed by neighbours having no consideration for anyone but themselves.

When will the planning department start to consider the huge impact of vastly extravagant extensions to properties, robbing people of their rights to enjoy their home and garden?