YOUR LETTERS: New Spalding war memorial a wonderful idea

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Please allow me to add meat to the bone regarding the selection of how and why the fallen names will be added to the new memorial in Ayscoughfee Gardens – and well done Iris French for taking a stand on the issue.

My mother, Gladys Hare (nee Arnold), who at the time of the war was a teenager, lost her brother, Richard, in the Second World War.

He was serving with the field artillery in a beach battle in Burma when their gun pit took a direct hit.

Richard, along with others who perished in the conflict, have their names etched on a memorial plaque in St Paul’s Church in Fulney where they once lived.

Like all parishes, St Paul’s recognised the full commitment and sacrifice that service men and women gave in fighting a just cause, in a time when the church would have been reasonably accessible for the bereaved families to go to whenever the need arose.

Today, the sad thing is that the open door policy of the church has long since gone through vandalism and petty crime, meaning that surviving relatives may not be able to honour their departed loved ones.

As such, should we, as a country, not be doing more to ensure that all service personnel, who gave up their lives for the freedom of others, have their names emblazoned on a fitting memorial.

Ayscoughfee Gardens, which is accessible to all, would be a perfect place to commemorate some of South Holland’s war heroes.

I send this letter on behalf of my mother, who, now aged 88, would dearly love to see her brother’s name mentioned on the new memorial to the fallen of the Second World War.