YOUR LETTERS: New Labour leader impresses

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn
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So far, I like what I’m seeing and hearing from new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

I have not voted Labour for many a long year, because ‘new’ Labour cheerfully signed us all up to the neo-liberal consensus that thinks regressive taxation measures penalising poor and low-paid workers is the way to go rather than tackling mega-rich institutions and individuals who are tax exempt and tax dodging.

Mr Corbyn, I understand, has other ideas ... and about time, too.

As for singing the national anthem, I can remember when the biggest health and safety issue affecting theatre/cinema goers was the stampede to the exit doors before the national anthem was played after the final curtain.

In my view, God save the Queen is a dreary national statement that only celebrates the Anglo-German family of benefit scroungers living rent-free at the top of the Mall.

A far better choice to represent our nation would be Lionel Bart’s Things ain’t wot they used to be. It’s relevant, catchy and is easily played on the spoons. I wonder if any of your readers agree?

Finally, I’m considering joining Mr Corbyn’s Labour Party, but I fear some of my views might be deemed ... too right wing.