YOUR LETTERS: Network Rail action will decimate wildlife

Network Rail
Network Rail
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Not satisfied with causing havoc in Spalding due to problems with the level crossings and the long delays they bring, Network Rail now plans to cut down all the trees, bushes and vegetation adjacent to the railway line and replace them with a fence.

From what I have been able to glean, this is the plan for the entire area from the Little London level crossing towards Spalding railway station, but who knows how far it will spread.

This will affect birds and wildlife, the privacy of dozens of properties and increase noise levels.

We appreciate that if a tree is unsafe it could put at risk the workforce and the safety of passengers, but isn’t this a bit like saying your toe cannot be saved but don’t worry we will cut your leg off to be on the safe side?

If you feel this issue will affect you, then contact your councillor, MP and Network Rail – and make your feelings known.

This has happened in other areas, literally overnight. Once the trees and bushes have been decimated, they cannot be restored, so act now.