YOUR LETTERS: “Mr Corbyn is not given to displays of fawning”

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn MP.
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn MP.
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So, John Hayes is baffled by Jeremy Corbyn’s reluctance to join the Privy Council.

I would have thought the reason for Mr Corbyn’s hesitation was obvious. As a lifelong republican Mr Corbyn is not given to displays of fawning and grovelling in the presence of royalty. However, as an inductee into the Privy Council he would, apparently, be expected to kneel before the Queen and kiss her hand as an act of fealty towards his monarch.

It beggars belief that such medieval tomfoolery still exists in 2015. No-one in the 21st century should be expected to bow, curtsey or kneel before another human being, no matter who they are.

The establishment see the Privy Council as a gathering of the great and the good, wisely ordering the affairs of the nation.

John Hayes is right when he says that the leader of the opposition should be briefed on sensitive matters of state, but with all the modern means of communication at their disposal it shouldn’t be beyond the wit of our political masters to manage this without resorting to government by stealth and secrecy.

Nick Basford


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