YOUR LETTERS: MP wrong to support tampon tax

Ashley Baxter
Ashley Baxter
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Perhaps you could ask John Hayes MP to use his regular half-page of party political musings in this newspaper to explain why he and almost all his Tory colleagues voted to retain the five per cent rate of VAT on tampons and female sanitary products which HMRC currently regard as luxury items.

A recent amendment to the Finance Bill would have forced the Government to challenge the EU over this outrageous tax, but John Hayes last week voted not to rock the boat.

This is yet another Tory tax which, as a share of household income, falls most heavily on the poor. You might think the tampon tax does not affect me because of my gender. I can assure readers that it does. As a husband and a father to three girls, I can confidently tell you that monthly menstruation cycles are trouble enough with having to pay tax to boot.