YOUR LETTERS: MP should help improve our quality of life

The House of Commons
The House of Commons
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As our MP, it is my belief that John Hayes’ key role is to listen to the views of his constituents and put those views across in Parliament.

As a Holbeach resident, I would like to know how many opinions Mr Hayes listened to before voting for the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) cuts.

I don’t know anyone who has been asked for their opinion and I don’t believe John’s decisions are based in the best interests of those that he represents.

I also note that Mr Hayes voted in favour of bedroom tax, cuts to working tax credits the bombing of Syria – despite the financial implications and the knowledge that many Syrian families have been forced to leave their country because of this.

Being elected to improve the quality of life of others is a big responsibility. It is my opinion that Mr Hayes is not doing this effectively.

I shall ensure that I spread the word about his voting preferences unless he can provide rationale for his decision-making that proves that he is listening to our views.