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Letters to the Lincolnshire Free Press editor – May 5, 2020

Resurfacing work finally completed

Hopefully residents who reported potholes in Woolram Wygate over the past few months will be pleased with the resurfacing work undertaken there and the junction with Wygate Park.

I know I have had several complaints and these have been forwarded to Lincolnshire County Council via ‘FixMyStreet’ and through the local Highways South manager.

During our meetings last year, and earlier this year with local county councillors, there were efforts to programme the work in.

Then when I asked last month if we had a date for commencement, pointing out some of the potholes were now very dangerous, they indicated, because the schools were closed, and the traffic volumes lower, AND a new contractor had space in their programme,it was agreed on April 15 that Woolram Wygate should be done as priority.

So, although it seems to have taken ages to get to this stage,we got there in the end and special thanks must go to the Highways team for their help.

I know several residents hope that the road, and cul-de-sacs off, do not again become overflow car parks for the school when term time resumes.

Coun Angela Newton

Lincolnshire County Councillor Spalding West

John Elson's Lincs Free Press cartoon (34279564)
John Elson's Lincs Free Press cartoon (34279564)

Thanks for your help councillor

I would like to pass on my thanks to the Highways team from Lincolnshire County Council who have recently resurfaced part of Woolram Wygate, covering up some horrendous potholes.

I would also like to thank Coun Angela Newton who I know has been in discussion with County Highways for many months trying to get the job brought forward in the work programme.

Thank you Angela for coming out and photographingthe potholes, several times, and repeating complaints on behalf of the residents.

Another job well done.


Wygate Park

Steve Black's picture of the sun setting over the Coronation Channel (34279566)
Steve Black's picture of the sun setting over the Coronation Channel (34279566)

Surely British workers can do these jobs?

The country is supposed to be in lockdown, no one out and no one in.

So you can imagine my shock and horror when I saw that Romanians are being flown in to pick fruit, etc, in Lincolnshire.

Why for goodness sake since there must be more than enough people on benefits that could do the work, or is it because farmers do not want to pay local workers the minimum rate?

My grandparents were Lincolnshire Yellow Bellies and as a child, I spent summer holidays with them where I saw local people picking the crops, whilst women with children had bulbs taken to them for grading.

I do remember the saying: ‘Lincolnshire born, Lincolnshire bred, strong in the arm and weak in the head’.

Everyone at that time did their utmost to prove it wrong, but now it seems they are trying to prove that it is right.

I. Goadby


Stay safe and I’ll see you soon

To my residents in Spalding St Paul’s ward. I am self isolatingdue to underlying health issues.

I know how difficult is for you all and my thoughts are with you all.

I am available to you if you’d wish to speak to me about any issues that I can help you to resolve.

You can call me on 0790 66413484 or email glynis.scalese@sholland.gov.uk

I am also planning some more fundraising events to be held in your area when we are over this pandemic and we are all safe again.

Don’t forget that I have a designated council budget and any groups that need some help please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Coun Glynis Scalese

Spalding St Paul’s ward

Sir John Hayes is a man of vision

Reading the Q and A page in the paper, I can’t help but think that John Hayes has been ahead of the curve on all this for some time.

After all, he’s been arguing against globalisation, mass migration and the reduction in manufacturing capability for many years indeed.

As a minister and before as a backbencher he made the case for apprenticeships when no one else in Parliament did. Let’s hope this crisis means more will see the sense he always has.

A man of vision.

Andrew Livsey

via email

Good on you Sir John

In these difficult times it is a comfort to have a local MP who is so on top of things in our area.

It could be that politics will become more reasonable and more politicians will raise their game to our own MP’s level.

It’s encouraging to see that Labour have chosen a leader a bit more sensible than the last one, and Boris Johnson is shaping up to be the best Prime Minister we’ve had since Maggie Thatcher!

Each week I read John Hayes’ interesting and honest column in the paper and was reassured to see his clear, authoritative advert offering his help to everyone in our area. Good on you, Sir John.

Michael J Richards


China must pay for devastation

When will people wake up to the threat posed by China? This out of control ethno-state actively encouraged its citizens to spread the virus around the world three months after its discovery!

Now we see they are in a stronger global position economically than when this began.

Thank goodness our MP is one of the few willing to stand up to them and say it like it is. He is absolutely spot on in his ‘Hayes in the House’ article – China must pay for the grief and devastation it has caused.

Sam Smee


The good fairies have visited again

There was a knock at my door on Saturday morning and when I looked out there was a lovely pot of creamy yellow hyacinths on my doorstep.

A lady at the wheel of a black car was just about to drive away from the kerb but I was able to wave to show my appreciation.

I am sure that once again the good fairies of the Spalding Covid Kindness Group have visited me and I thank them most sincerely for brightening up my day.

My very best wishes to you all. Stay safe and well.

Carole Buttling

via email

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