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Letters to the Lincolnshire Free Press editor – May 26, 2020

Gardens have looked beautiful

Throughout this period of lockdown I have, on my daily walk, visited Ayscoughfee Gardens.

The gardens have been beautiful, colourful, well-kept and a joy to see. The gardener has done a wonderful job and during this somewhat stressful time the gardens have been an oasis of peace.

My thanks to the gardener, surely another unsung key worker.

Jennifer Hemingway


John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon. (35230238)
John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon. (35230238)

A poem for lockdown

Do pay tribute to our carers and give thanks to Founder, Nye,

But stay alert to phonies chasing rainbows ’

cross the sky.

When fewer of the media dare to speak the truth to power,

A decade’s cruel neglect has madly risked their finest hour.

As a sea of death engulfs us only some will stay afloat.

Are we all in this together?

Clearly not all in one boat!

The dispossessed have little and their fate is soon forgot,

So the poor cling to the wreckage while the rich cruise on a yacht.

Hypocrisy’s a virus that infects our sorry State,

Though not unprecedented, and never indiscriminate,

It ever seeks to favour friends that profit from the mess,

Created by the very ones who, lately, praise the NHS.

Now they chant their empty phrases, dreamed up in an ad man’s lair,

And endlessly repeat them ’

’til facts vanish in thin air.

It’s all just smoke and mirrors veiling what lies hid behind:-

The meanness of their spirit and the smallness of their mind.

Kevin Giles


So proud of volunteers

Volunteers are always important, but in challenging times they are invaluable.

I’m so proud of the Scout volunteers in Spalding who are helping hundreds of young people to gain skills for life – helping them speak up, play their part and find their place in the world.

To keep everyone safe, Scouts aren’t able to meet face to face.

But this hasn’t stopped our volunteers from supporting young people.

So many of our brilliant leaders are still running meetings online.

We have also been supporting families across Spalding with free resources at scouts.org.uk/the-great-indoors #TheGreatIndoors

Tim Kidd

UK Chief Commissioner, The Scouts

He should have seen the need for a pavilion

A brief answer to Chris. Brewis’ rambling self- justification about the Sutton Bridge S 106 money ( £260,000) wasted on the marina ( Free Press, May 19). He said that there had been no proposal for a new pavilion.

Surely it was up to him, as a parish councillor and district councillor. to see the need for a new sports pavilion?

The existing pavilion was way past its sell by date and a new one was desperately needed.

If Coun Brewis could not see that need and push that project, instead of the marina, he was quite out of touch with our community and as much use as a chocolate teapot.

I shall not correspond further on this matter with CounBrewis.

Peter Clery

Sutton Bridge

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