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Readers' letters – March 24, 2020

Are we really ‘all in this together’?

Some observations noted in the past few days since the coronavirus situation has just about shut the country down with the various measures put into force to help combat it.

Some businesses have instigated shopping practices such as designated opening times for the elderly etc to be ‘first in the queue’ as this will hopefully help stop panic buying or rather the hoarding of things, plus a limit of so many items in one purchase.

John Elson's Free Press cartoon (32221191)
John Elson's Free Press cartoon (32221191)

However, talking to a shop assistant over the weekend about letting the elderly in first, one thing she has noticed is that every day the same set of people are there lined up outside.

She wonders how some of them can afford to be there every day at opening time as some also plead poverty, but with thick wallets or purses when it comes to paying.

Another practice seems to be the pricing of assorted items as before this situation arose, some items were, say, ‘three or two for a pound’ but now its a pound per item so profiteering seems be alive and well as I have noticed in assorted shops.

While this current situation is with us until further notice I gather many hope nobody of supposed importance dares to come out with the hackneyed phrase of ‘We’re all in this together’ as based on the above observations, perhaps another scriptwriter’s services might be required at this stage.

John Ward

Moulton SeasEnd

A reader’s poem

Strange days before me lay,

What to think I cannot say.

We didn’t see you coming here,

We didn’t know we had to fear.

We thought that we were happy, safe,

We knew not what we had to face.

Our little lives so finely laid,

The stuff of which our dreams are made.

Now at the shops its push and shove,

It doesn’t show a lot of love.

So look around,

And ride the storm.

Until a new clean day will dawn,

So until that day comes, lets all help each other all we can.

Maureen Waldron

Market Deeping

Thanks for keeping the service up

I read in the national newspapers that some councils are stopping bin collections and telling people to take it to their tip.

I would like to thank South Holland District Council for continuing to collect refuse to keep us safe and the streets clean of bags of waste. Their action keeps the countryside free of household waste, fly tipping and rat-infested bags stacked in streets by people unable or too lazy to travel to a tip.

So continue your good work and don’t follow other councils in leaving their towns to fester in filth when we need clean.

Let us all help and follow the guidelines –double wrap wipes, tissues etc to keep our refuse collectors safe.

Dave Delve


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