YOUR LETTERS: Madness to leave the EU

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Those whom the gods wish to destroy... they first make mad (a wise old saying passed down from Greek antiquity).

It is my long standing opinion, of which I’m pleased to find is now echoed by Prime Minister David Cameron, that if we exit the EU then we must all be stark, staring, raving mad. The first and most important duty of any UK government is the fundamental defence of our nation and that is an undeniable fact. I urge the exit camp to think for a moment of a Europe breaking up economically and socially sparked by UK exit and then ask themselves; is it likely to strenghen or weaken NATO? Historically, alliances are never strenghtened by feelings of rivalry and resentment... what is likely if we leave the EU? After these questions, then perhaps the more vocal/local exit campaigners should consider the un-checked foreign policies of Mr Putin; which more and more, seemingly, aim to follow the centuries-old desire of Russia to weaken and dominate its European neighbours. Add to that the possible nightmare of a Donald Trump election victory in the US and it is not hard to imagine Europe once more becoming the bloody battlefield it has always been. Surely, we are all capable of overcoming the predjudice and dislike of ‘Johnny Foreigner’? (which,sadly, is what the current UKIP rhetoric always seems to narrow down to). Migration is in our DNA: from our knuckle-grazing ancestors and throughout man’s history we have always looked to move on to the next valley if the prospects seemed better. Migration is a good and positive thing as our island history can confirm. As for all the other arguments and doubts about excessive EU payments, trade, immigration, economic mis-management, and government/institutional mis-management, are the exit groups maintaining that these, mainly structural problems, are insoluble? And won’t they still exist and still need to be overcome when we are a tiny isolated island nation,weakened further, perhaps, by pro-EU Scottish independence? I have read all the recent pro-exit arguments and comments (inc John Hayes) in this paper and they are poorly presented, in my view. Every argument the exit groups can come up with can be countered and rectified by our continued and prominent membership of the EU. A neglected reality by the exit groups is that without the protection of the EU laws we will continue to live in a country that is without a written constitution which means once out, justice stops with us, or rather our rulers. I prefer a higher universal democratic authority which is why I welcome and embrace European unity with the UK playing a fully committed role in its correct governance. Finally, I would urge all young people interested in politics to take a good look at some of those advocating exit. I have and it seems to me that a few of them are the same ‘old brigade’ of fearful little Englanders that I remember growing up with, steeped in tribalism and local predjudice, mis-led and mis-informed, spurred on by people who, quite honestly, should know better. I do hope a resounding ‘yes’ result for continued membership, if only for the sake of future generations. In my view, Tory leader,Cameron, has been a fool and a liabilty to the in campaign in the past and only now is he speaking truthfully from the heart. Let’s support him now.