YOUR LETTERS: Look carefully before casting PCC vote

David Bowles ANL-160428-103459001
David Bowles ANL-160428-103459001
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I stood last time as an Independent and won the first ballot but lost on the second to another Independent candidate.

Lincolnshire was unique in having such a strong turnout for candidates who did not believe that the police should be run by party politicians.

For years, we have had a failing criminal justice system. The number of serious repeat offenders has increased.

Drug addicts, who often are victims of crime themselves, turn to crime to fund their habit. They go to prison as drug addicts and come out as addicts – and the cycle of crime carries on.

Successive Labour and Conservative governments have failed to tackle these problems or serious and persistent anti-social behaviour.

I strongly believe we need an independent PCC, who will have no party loyalty and who will stand up for the ordinary citizen.

We need an independent PCC who will challenge our local MPs and local political leaders who have sat by while we have the worst funded police force in the country.

We need a PCC who will challenge the Government on its failed policies on rehabilitation and repeat offending.

Once again, the Government is making it hard for Independent candidates to fight this election.

For the election of MPs, the post office distributes election leaflets; for the PCC elections, no such support is given.

Election statements of candidates in Lincolnshire can, however, be found at or by phoning 0800 1070708.

Can I please urge all your readers to look carefully at the candidates and their independence from national party politics (which should have no influence over local policing) before casting their vote.

Remember, if you do not vote, you cannot complain.