YOUR LETTERS: Let UK travel its own path in Europe

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I would like to respond to Rodney Sadd’s letter regarding the forthcoming EU referendum.

Mr Sadd bangs on about job security and that EU membership accounts for 3.5 million jobs.

This is probably true, however, I don’t think that 3.5 million jobs will go if we leave the EU.

In the last year, we have seen massive investment by Siemens in wind turbines in Hull, and new investment in Wales from Aston Martin – when it had the whole world to choose from.

Nobody in their right mind would suggest that Airbus would up sticks and leave for the new EU if we left.

We buy more from the European Union than they do from us.

Are German and French manufacturers really going to try to apply tariffs to our products when we leave?

No, of course not, in view of the millions of pounds of cars that they sell to the UK.

As for protecting workers’ rights, Mr Sadd implies that the UK is incapable of introducing legislation unless it is an EU directive.

Perhaps he should have a little more faith in our own legislators.

Any money invested in the UK by the EU comes as a partial refund of the £55 million that we pay per day in membership fees to this club.

Just over one-third of this is repatriated to this country (source: Full Fact).

I’d also like to share this extract from the House of Commons library: “The UK’s net contribution to the EU budget in 2015 is estimated at £8.5 billion, up from £4.3 billion in 2009 and down from £9.8 billion in 2014. It is forecast to fluctuate between £11.1 billion and £7.9 billion a year between 2016 and 2020.”

Taking even the lower figure, just think what the UK could do with £7.9 billion ... new hospitals, better social care and more investment where it is needed.

So, what would happen if the referendum returns a decision to leave the EU?

For starters, the United Kingdom would be free to travel its own path. We are a trading nation, and would continue to flourish.

All I hear from Mr Sadd is risk, risk and more risk. In his opinion, it is better for us to suckle at our mother’s breast than take the momentous step to go it alone in the world.

Long live an independent United Kingdom.