YOUR LETTERS: Let’s invest in UK priorities

Theresa May
Theresa May
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I am very saddened, but not surprised, by the result of Monday’s vote by the House of Commons to renew Trident.

The newly-unelected Prime Minister, Theresa May, claimed it would be “irresponsible” to scrap the UK’s nuclear weapons programme.

I dispute that claim; I would argue that it is irresponsible to renew Trident.

We are living in times of austerity, foisted upon us by this government; informed that cuts in services and to our standard of living are essential.

Yet the cost to renew these actual weapons of mass destruction is estimated to run into billions of pounds – what a waste of money.

Incidentally, though pressed numerous times for actual figures, the Prime Minister was unable to give a definitive answer.

We need to invest in our people, in our NHS, in education, in affordable housing and jobs; not an alleged deterrent, which, if it were ever used, would wreak total devastation to humanity and this planet.

The use of nuclear weapons is morally wrong and is actually illegal in international law.

Trident is not, and has never been, an effective deterrent.

Few would dispute that the main risk to our national security is the terrorist threat posed by Isis.

How effective have nuclear weapons proved so far at preventing the recent atrocities carried out in the name of this organisation?

The timing of the vote was equally questionable, especially as it appeared there had been no serious debate on the subject.

If there had been, then surely these outdated, unimaginably costly and deathly weapons would have been designated as radioactive waste.

Let us remind ourselves that even former PM Tony Blair acknowledged that the only reason for maintaining Trident was to give Britain status on the global stage.

I am also given to believe that we need to contact America in order to use the warheads.

Let us stop with this machismo posturing and focus on improving life for our communities by investing any apparent surplus of capital into realistic and achievable goals.