YOUR LETTERS: Let’s escape the evil of Europe

Labour want to stay in the EU
Labour want to stay in the EU
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The one thing I’ve learned these past few weeks is just how little control the Prime Minister and the elected government really has over citizens of the UK.

That David Cameron has to meet with the heads of 27 other EU member states to get what he wants for Britain is proof enough for me that we need this vote to stay or go.

The EU has become the United States of Europe, with the EU president at its head.

David Cameron has been relegated to the position of state governor of the UK, where his powers continue to diminish on an almost daily basis.

Never has there been such a series of weak-willed prime ministers, starting with Ted Heath in the 1970s.

We, as a country, have had to endure 45 years of power-stripping from national governments, overseen by spineless and gutless prime ministers with no stomach for the fight.

Years of empire state building for the unification of the EU has to stop.

The billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money we would save by leaving could be better spent in this country.

Closer to home, Lincolnshire County Council has had its budget cut by close to 70 per cent in recent years – and there are yet more cuts to come.

In turn, South Holland District Council has had to cut its budget, and will no doubt have to do so again.

There is even talk of a five per cent rise in council tax, meaning we will all pay more for less. Yet the EU is immune from it all.

I will be voting to leave the EU and to get my country back to its rightful owners – the citizens of the UK.

I say UK taxes should be used for UK people and not given to a central, unaccountable body to squander and waste on 27 other member states.

One wonders what portion of the £15billion we would save by leaving could be spent here through the regional and local councils of Lincolnshire?

I’m voting to leave the EU to save Britain from the evil empire that Europe has become.