YOUR LETTERS: Let new Spalding memorial honour all who died

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I was very pleased to see that, at last, my father and other Spalding people who lost their lives during the Second World War, fighting for their country, would be honoured on the proposed new memorial in Ayscoughfee Hall gardens (Spalding Guardian, June 23).

On further reading, however, it appears that anyone whose name already appears on a small memorial in a church is to be excluded.

The whole point about the peace garden memorials are that they commemorate all who died in the two wars, but only the First World War personnel are named at present.

As this war memorial forms the focus of the annual Royal British Legion service of remembrance, I would expect all names to be included – whether they are already elsewhere or not.

I fail to see how the majority of names already scattered in churches around Spalding are going to be ignored on a major memorial.

EDITOR: I’m afraid our reporter made a mistake in her story. All names currently on memorials in churches within Spalding and all names subsequently found that are not listed anywhere, will appear on the new Spalding memorial, provided they meet the criteria, i.e. were born and or have lived in Spalding.