YOUR LETTERS: Let focus over Holbeach graves be on respect

Ornaments at Holbeach cemetery
Ornaments at Holbeach cemetery
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I would first like to make a few comments and observations on the debate regarding cemeteries and what friends and families should be allowed to leave at a graveside.

I have not read what is written on the notices pinned to gravestones, so I can’t really comment on that, but what I will say is that I agree with David and Sue Stubbs about wanting to respect and remember the life they had with their son, Kieran.

I have not experienced such a tragedy myself, the nearest I got to this was an aunt and uncle who lost a baby at a very young age.

The pain and hurt was borne with great dignity and compassion.

I don’t think it matters whether the person you lose is an infant, teenager or, in Kieran’s case, a grown man – they will still be regarded as that person’s little boy or girl.

So what is the solution? Personally, I don’t like plastic flowers and I wouldn’t put them on a grave I visited.

But if this is what parents want to do, let them – out of respect for them and the deceased.

Let’s not forget a cemetery and grave is a place for a person to go and pay their respects and spend time to reflect and remember.

So let’s cut some slack here and get together and talk in a dignified way as adults.