YOUR LETTERS: Leaving EU is the only option

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Mr Tinsley must be living on a different planet, if he believes that Spalding’s wealth is built on migrant labour.

The truth is the complete opposite. Cheap migrant labour is sucking the lifeblood out of Spalding and Britain, and is placing a huge strain on our public services.

I am not surprised that Mr Tinsley and his buddies love this cheap, almost infinite pool of docile migrant labour which is helping them feather their nests. But that feathering is at the expense of local British workers and has suppressed wage growth for the low paid in our area.

This is because the normal rules of supply and demand no longer apply to unskilled labour in the UK, and why wage growth has been so low over the last 12 years. Before, if an employer had a problem attracting labour, they had to pay a decent wage to get workers in and increase that wage over time to keep them. However, an endless stream of cheap EU migrant labour has turned these normal rules upside down.

In decades past, the food used to come out of the ground, was packed and shipped long before the millions of eastern Europeans arrived in Britain. Local food companies were manned mainly by generations of Brits. During harvest, convoys of mini-buses came down from the northern cities to pick the crops before they were packed by hard-working Brits in our local factories.

Those same Brits have now been displaced by cheap migrant labour. My uncle used to earn a good wage when he worked on the land, that was until the migrant labour arrived and the farmers found they had masses of people who would work long hours for less than the minimum wage. My uncle and his friends who worked on the land for many years were laid off only to be replaced by cheap migrant labour. The same has happened in fields and factories up and down Britain.

I have personally experienced this displacement, as have many of my friends when looking for work. Before going to, and during my time at university, I was told, on more than one occasion when I applied for work at local factories and labour agencies, that there was no job for me because I did not speak Polish. So, don’t write off my generation as lazy – in many cases we’re not even given the chance to show that we can work just as hard as any other nationality, even though we don’t speak Polish.

Much of the money they earn gets sent home rather than being spent in the local economy.

What about the housing crisis? The extra demand for private and social housing in our area has forced both rents and house prices up, and lengthened the housing waiting lists. The housing crisis could be ended overnight if we vote to leave the EU and we took control of our borders again.

The same applies to our schools, hospitals and GP surgeries. No wonder the number of A&E admissions has rocketed, and we can’t get an appointment to see our doctor. It’s because Britain is experiencing a population explosion on a scale never experienced before. Britain’s population has increased by over five million over the last 10 years alone, with the majority coming from the EU.

This population explosion will only get worse when 100 million people from Turkey, Albania and what used to be Yugoslavia join the EU in five years.

I can see why some businessmen may welcome this next wave of cheap labour from Turkey. They will be able to earn as much here in a month as they can in a year back home, and that spells profits for Mr Tinsley and his chums. What then for the Poles? I foresee more displacement, unemployment and social unrest on the streets of Spalding and South Holland.

Is migrant labour making Spalding and Britain wealthier and a better place to live and work for future generations? All the evidence suggests not. I can only surmise that Turkey’s membership of the EU will suck the last vestiges of life out of our area and change it, for the worse, beyond all recognition. The case for voting to leave the EU is overwhelming in every area of the debate from trade to immigration, and security to housing.

We need to stop sleep walking deeper into the EU disaster zone. Leaving the EU is the only safe option.

Martin Skeels

Long Sutton