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Letters to the Lincolnshire Free Press editor – June 9, 2020

Well, there’s certainly not a lack of manpower at recycling centre

It is most disappointing to read that the volunteers of Spalding in Bloom are unable to fulfil their plans to instal hanging baskets of flowers around the town because South Holland District Council says they cannot water them, although the business owners sponsoring the baskets offered to meet the costs.

The council cites a lack of manpower. Yet on a recent visit by appointment to Spalding recycling centre where they were only letting one vehicle in, one vehicle out, I was greeted by no less than four people on the gate.

There were a further four people stopping you halfway round to ask what you were tipping and at least one other by the containers.

Bear in mind that there are only a couple of vehicles in there at a time and they are unable to help you tip your waste items.

Lack of manpower? Not at the recycling centre.

Alan Meyern

via email

John Elson's Free Press cartoon. (36228700)
John Elson's Free Press cartoon. (36228700)

Showing our support for what they do

National Carers Week is a chance to recognise the contribution carers make to families and communities and raise awareness of the challenges they face.

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, running from yesterday (Monday) to Sunday, June 14.

In Lincolnshire there are an estimated 84,000 carers, including around 8,000 young carers. The county council greatly values the role that carers play and offers them a range of support.

The vital role our carers play has been particularly highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has meant many adults, children and young people taking on more caring responsibilities for their relatives and friends who are disabled, ill or older and who need support.

Carers Week gives us the chance to recognise their hugely important roles and show our support for what they do.

A ‘Clap for Unpaid Carers Sing-a-long night’ is organised, plus Facebook virtual cuppa meets, Zoom virtual café sessions, lunch and learn for employers with advice on supporting carers and laughing yoga.

The council is also running virtual groups for young carers and looking at creating a Facebook page for young carers and their families.

Caring can be both rewarding and satisfying, and it can also teach people new skills and help them recognise unknown potential.

However, without the right support, and especially if you’re juggling work or school with caring, it can be a struggle.

So we’re taking this opportunity to remind carers that they are not alone and support is available if they need it. For details of events and activities for Carers Week, go to:


• www oneyou-lincolnshire.org.uk/

For further information on the support available, visit: www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/support-carers

Coun Patricia Bradwell

Lincolnshire County Council

Moulton Chapel reader Bekki Crane took this beautiful picture in the village on Friday. (36228702)
Moulton Chapel reader Bekki Crane took this beautiful picture in the village on Friday. (36228702)

Scaremongering over amount of trains coming

I have been reading the report about the Colas freight operations and the increase of traffic through Spalding.

I live in Park Road and use the footbridge over the railway two or three times a week, and it seems the same set of units has been in the sidings for at least a week.

There seems to be the same normal scaremongering being given out.

Martin Simpson

via email

Experiments are always cruel and unreliable

Last week the Home Office published a report which describes numerous incidents of neglect and incompetence, termed ‘non-compliances’, which took place in British laboratories and involved the harming or death of animals.

Proponents of animal experiments insist that all animals in laboratories are looked after in a compassionate and conscientious way, but this is clearly not the case. Examples include:

• An animal was found dead in a transport box, in a clinical waste bin. They had likely died of heat exhaustion over the weekend.

• A technician was disturbed while changing some bedding and they put four mice into an autoclave where they died. Autoclaves sterilize items using super-heated steam.

• Two mice starved to death over five days, despite technicians supposedly conducting ‘twice daily checks’.

Animal experiments are always cruel and unreliable. We would urge all of those who are distressed by this to contact your MP, calling for an end to all animal experiments.

Jessamy Korotoga

Animal Experiments

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