YOUR LETTERS: John Hayes column is a let-down

Columnist, MP John Hayes
Columnist, MP John Hayes
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What a waste of good column inches! You see the headline and imagine you’ll get a bit of an insight into the workings of Government, and a more in-depth view of what our local MP gets up to at Westminster.

What a let down! So far – snippets of poetry, bits of philosophy – and this week? A rehash of the obits for the Beatles ex-manager! Too many Johns in this house! You see, I don’t care what John Keats, John Donne or even John Lennon thought.

What we should be reading is what John Hayes does ‘in the house’. Like Serena Watts (Free Press, March 15) I’d really like to know the rationale behind his voting decisions. Why vote in favour of the so-called ‘bedroom tax’, after claiming £23,000 expenses for accommodation?

And if, as he claims, care of people with disabilities is one of his main political interests, why has he voted consistently for cuts that make a misery of disabled people’s lives?

His views on the practice of ‘filibustering’ might be of interest, as would his impression of grown adults braying like Skegness donkeys over a stupid joke, instead of allowing proper debate on a serious topic.

Serena had a few more questions, as do many local voters. If the column is not going to give us answers, perhaps the column inches could be used for something of use. The Tories love to hark back to the ‘Spirit of the Blitz’, so perhaps ‘Make do & Mend – crafty ideas for adding real pizzaz to those charity shop buys, or ‘Live well for less – tips for foodbank users’, or maybe even ‘ Dig for poverty – gardening tips for the modern age’.

No? Oh well, perhaps John could next pen a few lines about Mozart or Beethoven...