YOUR LETTERS: I disagree with MP over renewable energy

Nigel Wickenden
Nigel Wickenden
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I’ve just been reading the Hayes in the House column in today’s Free Press and I have to disagree with John Hayes.

There is enough renewable energy available from solar and wind sources to satisfy the country’s electricity requirements if we can store the power generated when the wind blows and/or the sun shines.

Further, Tesla has shown that can we now have viable electric vehicles, so we can reduce our reliance on oil.

There are several advantages to having solar panels on every appropriate roof, plus numerous wind farms off our shores and storing the generated electricity in our homes and large-scale battery storage.

It would mean we would not have to dispose of nuclear waste, and would remove the threat of a terrorist attack on a nuclear power station, which would devastate the infrastructure over a large area.

By decentralising generation and storage, such a catastrophe would be avoided.

And, individuals could save money by having their own power generation/storage which would also prevent any blackouts.

Mr Hayes, has anybody made a cost comparison between battery stored and distributed electricity from renewable energy generation compared to nuclear power?