YOUR LETTERS: How will this aid economy?

Chris Brandon-KIng
Chris Brandon-KIng
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I refer to the report in the Spalding Guardian on February 4 in which an April start date is planned for the installation of the marina at Sutton Bridge.

It claims that it has been on Lincolnshire County Council’s books for the last five years.

The author has obviously forgotten the six years previously, when covert plans were being hatched by a group locally.

Once again, we are told that it will bring an economic boost to the village. One still asks the question – where from?

Furthermore, questions asked of the marine management organisation – following its notice in the press last year – have not been answered fully to allay the fears expressed relating to silting.

We are advised that Sutton Bridge has a lot to offer, with East Bank Lighthouse among a host of potential attractions close by.

It is more than a seven-mile round trip, so any sailors will have to be intrepid walkers, or have a bicycle on board.

And even if they make it to the lighthouse, there is a notice stating: “Closed this year during works.”

Besides, how will a seven-mile round trip with no shops, pubs or anywhere to spend money give a boost to the local economy?

The walk to King’s Lynn has even less opportunity for sailors to spend their hard-earned cash.

It really is time to pull the plug on this scheme and let the county council carry the burden of the wasted costs.

A much better idea would be to allow the village to spend the money on something that will benefit Sutton Bridge, not Fenland District Council.

Not wanting to gloat, but have you seen the destruction of the pilings, pontoon and land bridge by a boat; exactly where the new marina is to be sited.

If such an occurrence can happen now, the chances of another one are raised by the pushing a double sided set of moorings into the centre of the river.