YOUR LETTERS: How low can we get in Spalding and what is the answer?

Sheep market disabled toilet
Sheep market disabled toilet
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I was shocked to see your front page last Tuesday about the drug den in the Spalding town centre disabled loo.

This facility used to be manned by a full-time 
attendant and even won an award for the best kept toilets in the area.

Since the removal of the full-time attendant, these facilities have got worse through the gradual misuse and now total vandalism of the worst kind.

How things have changed and the authorities have recently been reported to be saying that the town is getting better and it’s people’s perception that it is the opposite.

How low can we get and what is the answer? Close the facility for good and we all suffer for the few, or refurbish the facilities for public use and bring back full-time supervision, cleaning and some security for the public who rely on these facilities.