YOUR LETTERS: How are we expected to absorb so many immigrants?

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EU flag ANL-150307-182123001
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In under two years, the British people will be asked to decide on our relationship with the EU.

Those campaigning for continued membership question the UK’s ability to make its own trading arrangements with other nations, though others manage it.

The assumption is that a benign electorate will prefer to stay under the EU umbrella, accepting slow decline rather than risking a brave new world outside of the current collective.

The concessions that David Cameron may get will be no more than cosmetic, so how safe is the option of doing nothing?

A major issue is the mass influx of refugees and migrants from outside the EU.

A lack of anticipation and failure to prepare has left individual countries to make policy on the hoof.

Not for the first time (remember the bloodbath when the former Yugoslavia broke up), the EU has proved itself totally ineffectual in times of crisis.

One certainty for this country is that net immigration has ballooned to 330,000 a year and shows no sign of abating.

This coincides with national debt doubling to nearly £2trillion, putting the lie to those that claim there are economic benefits to this open border policy.

The uncertainty for me is simply this. How are we going to pay for all the extra services required in terms of health, education, housing, roads and law and order?

So, with EU membership meaning we cannot control our own borders and immigration running at record levels, how are we expected to absorb such numbers in terms of social cohesion and where is the money coming from?