YOUR LETTERS: Highways excuses just don’t wash

An accident on the A16 junction with B1166 Hull's Drove
An accident on the A16 junction with B1166 Hull's Drove
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I found the article in the Guardian on the accident blackspot (A16/B1166 junction at Crowland) very interesting, and similar to a spot where I live on the A159 near Laughton in West Lindsey.

Since the 1960s, I have repeatedly asked various representatives at the highway department to carry out some positive action to control traffic on the road. Double white lines down the centre of the road would restrict overtaking, while a slower speed limit would help bring the number of accidents down.

By my reckoning, there have been three deaths on this section of the A159 over the years, yet nothing positive has been carried out to send a message to drivers.

As far as I am aware, the county council should have a duty of care to the public in ensuring our roads are as safe as possible.

One wonders how staff can carry out their duties with a mind free of guilt by just trotting out the same well-trodden excuse of not having enough money.

Preventive maintenance is far cheaper in the long term, but I fear the amount of road miles suffering from a quick fix is growing ever longer with every week that passes.

The council appears to take the same approach to road repairs as authorities did in the 1940s, when a lengthman would push his wheelbarrow around with a couple of hundred weight of tar-coated material.

No doubt, there are quite a few readers who can relate this to an area not too far from their own home.