YOUR LETTERS: Heartening to read aboutoffer for court house

Rodney Sadd
Rodney Sadd
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I read with interest your front page report (Cash offer for court house) in the Lincolnshire Free Press on Tuesday, December 15.

I often walk past this fine building, and feel it would be such a shame for it to deteriorate into another eyesore in the centre of town – we have enough of those already.

Having seen the building stand empty all this time, I feared another part of our town was being left to rot, so it was heartening to read of the consortium’s offer to purchase it.

As for its use. I have heard several suggestions about a hotel or bar, but I would personally love to see it transformed into a community hub.

It could incorporate the Citizens Advice Bureau, Tulip Radio and the tourist information centre, alongside aspects of Ayscoughfee Hall Museum.

I would be interested to know what the local community wants from this project.

Whatever becomes of it, hopefully we will see the right outcome for this lovely building.