YOUR LETTERS: Government leaflet full of half-truths

Richard Fairman
Richard Fairman
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I have just received a copy of the Government’s propaganda leaflet (stretching to 16 pages) that we, as taxpayers have paid for, on why we should remain in the EU.

I have never seen an official document with so many untruths and half-truths.

They say: If the UK votes to leave, there would be a risk of higher prices in some household goods.

I say: And a dramatic reduction in others.

They say: A vote to leave could mean a decade or more of uncertainties.

I say: A vote to remain would mean permanent entrapment and servitude.

They say: EU membership means UK police can use law enforcement intelligence from 27 EU countries.

I say: But is denied intelligence from other countries because it would have to be released to the leaky EU.

The only jobs that would be lost would be the MEPs, who each cost us over £1million a year in salaries and expenses.

June 23 (they did at least get the date right) will be your chance to right the wrongs of 1975. It is an opportunity we should grasp with both hands.