Your Letters: Glen Park - Another pitch is badly needed

Hockey action on the Glen Park pitch.
Hockey action on the Glen Park pitch.
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In response to the all-weather surface proposal at Glen Park, Surfleet.

Why not go ahead and build another surface exactly like the one there already, which is used by both footballers and hockey players?

If funding has already been gained, nobody would want that lost.

Likewise, the current set-up has no changing or shower facilities – something that is definitely needed and would further enhance the existing facilities.

With regards to hockey, you have to travel as far as Bedford, Norwich or Nottingham to find a twin-pitch venue.

If this was the case at Surfleet, it could be incorporated into England Hockey’s portfolio of performance centres, increasing both usage and revenue and putting Glen Park on the national map.

Another pitch is definitely needed, but I doubt anything will happen and the funding will be lost.

Shaun Dewing

via email