Your letters: focus taxpayers’ money on where it should be spent

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I’m pleased SHDC leader, Gary Porter, takes the time to read my letters in the Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian.

With regard to his comments and criticisms about my recent letter posing questions about council and parish periodicals and the effect of these publications on local newspapers, I hope you will allow me to put the record straight. First, I wrongly referred to the council taxpayer-funded publication that I have often received, as ‘Spalding Now’ when it is, or was, ‘South Holland Now’. I’m sorry to have caused Gary confusion. Secondly, although nothing to do with SHDC; the printing costs of parish magazine ‘Pinchbeck Chimes’ are funded by three ward councillors using their councillor’s budget, currently £5,000pa each. I’ve little interest in reading these publications and I sometimes wonder what it is they are promoting. My personal objection is this. I sincerely believe that, if the Conservatives or Labour win the next election and deliver the austerity cuts they promise, this will not allow such local tax-funded publication costs to continue without a rise in our council taxes. However, whether or not I’m elected for Pinchbeck & Surfleet next May, I hope the SHDC leader will agree with me that every effort should be made to focus tax-payers money to where it should be spent... protecting and improving front-line council services for the benefit of all in the district.

David Turp

via email