YOUR LETTERS: Extra cost lies in waste

Sprays are needed for vegetables, says D Hammond
Sprays are needed for vegetables, says D Hammond
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The recent TV programme ‘Eat Well For Less’ talked a lot of nonsense about flavour being one reason why organic vegetables cost a lot more than their farm-grown equivalent.

I have been an allotment holder for 35 years and can’t remember any complaints about the flavour of vegetables I take home – just the opposite in fact.

I do use small amounts of some insecticides, but probably not such a concentrated dose as large farms use.

If I didn’t use sprays, my vegetables would get a lot of pest damage. Black and white fly, carrot fly, potato blight and slugs can decimate crops if you don’t use spray protection.

Organic farmers do have their own methods of control but don’t use insecticides to control pests. I’m sure that is why their vegetables cost so much.

They, in my opinion, are throwing away half their crop because of pest damage. It would be interesting to see if local farmers agree.