YOUR LETTERS: EU should be dismantled

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I read Mark Tinsley’s letter in last week’s Spalding Guardian with interest.

The EU referendum is likely to be the biggest decision voters of this country will have to make in a generation.

Whichever way the vote goes, nobody knows exactly how things will turn out because that is the nature of the future.

Mr Tinsley wants us to stay in the European Union even though he admits that “the existing EU model is flawed”.

Those people campaigning for the UK to stay in, tell us that the only way we can change the EU is if we are in it. I disagree, as David Cameron recently tried and got nowhere.

Should we vote to leave, things are likely to get a bit fraught for a while before we get back on track and again become the successful trading nation we have always been.

We have a vast trading deficit with the EU, but a surplus with the rest of the world – and that is supposed to be a reason to remain?

Mr Tinsley would like to see farming subsidies removed across the board. That is not likely to happen with the French farmers’ lobbying power.

If we left the EU, however, our farmers could slowly wean themselves off subsidies and become profitable.

Many multi-national business leaders have said they want us to remain and I suspect it has something to do with avoiding taxes here and in other countries with similar rates by using the tax haven merry go round that the likes of Google, Starbucks and Facebook have all profited from.

Many smaller businesses, who make up the majority of our output, want us out.

If we remain in the EU, we shall be shackled to many failing economies that will want supporting by those more successful – and, at present, that is us.

In my view, the EU is fatally flawed. The solution is for it to be completely dismantled and to start again from scratch, so that all interested parties can negotiate a deal that is fair to every country.

If the 50 states in the USA can have an elected national government as one country with differing state laws, so could all national states in Europe.

I would eventually like to see a world government, but we need to make sure that everybody is treated fairly.

By voting out on June 23, I believe we can start a process that will eventually improve the lot of everybody.