YOUR LETTERS: EU – Our money is squandered

Alan Porter
Alan Porter
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We must be crazy to vote to stay in the EU.

Every week, the UK pays £350 million to belong to this circus – the people we elect do not have a proper say in how this amount is spent. The unelected comedians squander our money.

Meanwhile on these shores, we have the NHS, police, education and social care crying out for more money, not to mention the poor state of our country’s roads.

Why can’t we afford the necessities for people in our own country?

All because of some of the silly rules and regulations coming from the EU, creating layers of bureaucracy and causing needless expense to our businesses and the endless waste we read about daily.

For the last 10 years or more, the auditors of the EU have not signed off their annual accounts. Could the reason be that they don’t balance?

When we have our backs against the wall, we respond like we have in the past.

I am not anti-European, just anti-EU. Voting to come out will give us the UK back.