YOUR LETTERS: Don’t lead UK into past

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The decision that we face on June 23 is one of the biggest our country will take in our lifetimes.

Britain is a great European nation. Our natural future and that of any nation is giving and receiving succour from our friends and neighbours, from the countries closest to us, from our European Union.

Yes, we pay in a bit more than we receive; yes, our neighbours send us their bright and healthy young people, but both of these are among the responsibilities that a leading nation in a vibrant community should be doing. It should be a source of pride.

Most experts and international organisations agree that we would be financially poorer if we leave and, if we adopt the narrow, isolationist and selfish vision of the Brexit campaigners, there will surely be another loss.

We will all, every one of us, be a little bit smaller, a little bit diminished by our failure to engage in our community.

There is little doubt that the European Union is going through a bad patch, but we must not take for granted the immense achievements of the union.

Six decades of peace and prosperity are simply priceless and the next six are worth fighting for.

If we divorce and squabble now it will be because there is fault and failure on both sides.

I love Lincolnshire, England, Britain and, yes, Europe with all our idiosyncrasies and traditions.

I don’t agree with everything that comes out of Lincoln, London or Brussels, but I know that the challenges of the future – and there will be many, mostly unforeseen – will be better faced together.

Britain is a great European nation; don’t let us be led into the past.