YOUR LETTERS: Don’t believe the same old lies over the EU

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We, the British public were, in 1975, conned by the then Prime Minister into joining the common market.

He said we would all be better off. Of course, in the 1970s, we did not have an immigration problem as we do now. That brings huge problems to our everyday life.

The fact is that now we are being told by David Cameron to believe the same old lies that Harold Wilson told us then.

That we will face mass unemployment, higher food bills and all the uncertainty of a future outside the common market.

Mr Cameron is peddling the same scare tactics. Do not be fooled and conned a second time.

If we vote to stay in, The European Union will have us in a grip of iron forever.

The bureaucrats who head up this organisation will impose more red tape on our government. In other words, they will continue to tell our Government what to do and we will not be able to do anything to change it.

We will have to keep on taking more and more immigration into our already overcrowded island and all the problems that brings.

Our own people will suffer from paying more and more to the dominant EU and won’t have a say about our future.

In short, if we vote to stay in the EU, we will hand our children and grandchildren an uncertain future. We have been lied to for too long.

The only way we can leave future generations of this great country of ours a chance to be great again is to have the courage to vote to leave on June 23.

So don’t listen to the doom makers and the chief scaremonger, the Prime Minister. He is wrong and he knows it.

So be brave, vote leave for a better future.