YOUR LETTERS: Cyclists without lights are a menace

Chris Carter
Chris Carter
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Driving along London Road on Tuesday evening, I was both perturbed and astonished to see a cyclist merrily pedalling away towards Little London displaying no lights at all.

For good measure, he was dressed in dark clothing and seemed utterly oblivious to his lack of visibility.

I wound my car’s window down to point out that he had no lights and thus was invisible to most vehicles and that perhaps he ought to buy some before he became a casualty.

All I received in return was a four-letter blast of abuse, before he continued on his way.

Since his unnecessary use of foul language was, I thought, inappropriate, I called the police using the 101 non-emergency number, while following him to his destination, Definitions Health and Fitness Gym in Cradge Bank.

Sadly, the 101 number was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

Some five minutes later, no one had even answered my call and, by this time, I was outside said gym about to have a second conversation with the invisible man, who this time suggested I get some glasses.

Why is it that the police seem quite happy to let cyclists get away with outrageous behaviour such as this while pleading poverty and a lack of manpower as the reason they don’t seem at all keen to deal with this menace?

Cyclists are regularly seen riding on pavements and against the flow of traffic along Spalding’s one-way streets, seemingly content to raise a finger to the law or anyone who suggests their behaviour is dangerous.

While it might be that officer manpower is expensive, could Lincolnshire Police tell us the cost of scraping cyclists off the road after they have been in a collision with a vehicle?

One should also consider the trauma inflicted upon a driver who inadvertently hits the said cyclist.

We’ve sadly had several instances of cyclists being injured or killed by vehicles while riding without lights – and it’s only a matter of time before history repeats itself.

So come on Lincolnshire Police, please demonstrate that it’s not one law for cyclists and one for everyone else.

And if you provide a non-emergency service to prevent time wasters, at least try to ensure that calls are actually answered.

We pay for you and we do expect both value for money and effective policing.