YOUR LETTERS: Councils guilty of Holbeach funding gap

The County Council is finally improving Peppermint Junction.
The County Council is finally improving Peppermint Junction.
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There is an old saying: never leave a letter unanswered. It is clear that Mr Foyster and Mr Gammba Jones have different political allegiances.

I think that what Mr Foyster was trying to reinforce is that, over the last 30 years, Holbeach – the second largest town in our district – has been woefully underfunded by both Lincolnshire County Council and South Holland District Council.

What both gentlemen should do is work towards ensuring that Holbeach does not miss out on the opportunity for some sort of community infrastructure levy to be set up in order to fund improvements to the town.

No-one should lose sight of the fact that Lincolnshire County Council is finally putting in a roundabout that should have been installed when the Holbeach bypass was built.

From the drawings I have seen, it also looks like there are further improvements to the Boston Road roundabout as part of the scheme.

The roundabout to service both areas of land off the bypass is no more than any developer would have to fund to build on a piece of land that size and therefore is a cost to the developer.

It’s important to remember that the bulk of the land around Holbeach that has been earmarked for development (1800 plots) is on farm land that has been historically owned by the county for centuries. A contribution to a community infrastructure levy fund could deliver close to £2million to help improve the town.