YOUR LETTERS: Community healthcare system is in utter chaos

Annie Weatherly-Barton
Annie Weatherly-Barton
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There has been a massive change in how care in the community is managed due to some modifications in the Lincolnshire County Council contract.

Spalding and the greater area is now in total and absolute chaos. There are folk who have been left without any care at all.

Some people who had previously had care to cover their needs are being told there is no care available – and the only option is to go into a home.

This issue needs urgent attention in order to protect the most vulnerable people in our part of the world.

One elderly man was left so distraught by the changes that he was found crying because the carers who he had come to rely on had been taken away.

Another elderly gentleman in his 90s – a former war veteran – has also been left without any care at all.

Here in Gosberton, we were under Spalding’s remit, but now, ridiculously, we have been transferred to Sleaford.

Obviously no map was available at the time to see how unmanageable this is. Utter chaos has ensued.

It’s bad enough here in Spalding – God knows what it like in the rest of Lincolnshire.

It’s total and utter madness.