YOUR LETTERS: Close the UK’s borders

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EU flag ANL-150307-182123001
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After the recent tragic events in Paris, is it not time that the British government considered closing our borders for good?

We face a very real danger from evil fanatics like IS and home-grown Jihadists who leave this country to fight for IS – only to be welcomed back.

They, in my opinion, should face charges of treason and should be imprisoned if found guilty.

This country has become too soft and forgiving.

If you take up arms against this country, you should never be allowed back in.

These people are traitors and should be treated that way.

If they do not like or respect our way of life, they should be deported for good.

The time has come to leave the EU. Too many evil fanatics are claiming they are refugees and are using this excuse to plot to kill and murder us.

If our government does not act soon, it will be too late and our future will be in mortal danger.