YOUR LETTERS: Boris Endorsement came too early

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Looking for words of wisdom following the EU referendum, I read your article headlined Hayes hints at vote for Boris as leader (Spalding Guardian, June 30).

John Hayes asserts, in regard to his support for a new Tory leader, that: ‘I’ve not yet heard an extremely powerful argument as to why (Boris) shouldn’t be the one to carry this one forward.”

It seems that John Hayes is not only totally wide of the mark here, but is also out of touch with his chums in Whitehall.

He then says, in one of the most fatuous statements yet on Brexit, that: “Of course, there is an issue around immigration – no-one has made a secret of that.”

Damn right, John. It was the main plank of Brexit policy.

It may be time for this thoroughly respected, all-round nice guy to move on to the House of Lords, leaving his constituents with a new voice for South Holland.