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Letters to the Lincolnshire Free Press editor, April 14, 2020

Maligned Fleet farm shop is ‘my personal choice’ for fresh food

May I respond to the article on the front page of last Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press (‘It’s a disgrace - April 7)?

The article was written by an anonymous visitor to the Fleet Farm Shop.

I feel obliged to offer another opinion. I have used the Fleet Farm Shop for many years. The fruit and vegetable products are of the highest fresh quality and far superior to any to be found in local supermarkets.

Much of the produce is locally sourced and in abundance.

Large sacks of potatoes are not available in the supermarkets, only at farms or side-of-the-road outlets.

The work involved in producing potatoes is considerable but they are still very cheap.

The Farm Shop staff are extremely helpful and always pleasant, even in times of stress currently being experienced by all food suppliers.

As shoppers will know, items such as pasta from the supermarkets are a loss leader, as are other basic essentials for which we are grateful.

Those of us who are on a very low income want the best quality food we can afford. For me, this is provided by the Fleet Farm Shop.

Those of us who are not able to stand for hours in a supermarket queue are very grateful for the huge effort currently being made by the supermarkets and farm shops and we applaud all the staff.

If any customers using the Fleet Farm Shop find the prices to be not competitive enough, why not buy a little less of the top quality produce on offer?

As a vegetarian, my personal choice has always been the farm shops.

Sheila Evans

Tydd Gote

John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon. (33426999)
John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon. (33426999)

God bless Spalding Covid Kindness group’s efforts

On Maundy Thursday there was a ring at my doorbell and an extremely nice gentleman, standing the requisite distance from my door, placed several carrier bags containing groceries, fruit and veg together with a bunch of daffodils and an Easter Egg inside my porch.

“Just a little something from Spalding COVID Kindness Group,” he said when I thanked him.

To me, as an elderly widow in self-isolation because of my age and health problems, it was more than a little something and I thank these good people from the bottom of my heart.

May they continue with their good work and come through this dreadful trial safely. God bless them all.

Carole Buttling

via email

Get cheese makers into a chain so nothing’s wasted

I know there seems to be a shortage of milk – yet our dairies are having to put milk ‘down the drain’.

I am writing from the South Holland area and there are dairies I know of – Crowland, Boston, probably more.

We must get a supply chain between these dairies – shops – people. If they are not supported they will go under.

Awareness that the EU is waiting to step in surely is enough to make support of our own dairies essential.

Please try to get the dairies supported.

Stop buying foreign cheese.

Get cheese makers into a chain so nothing is wasted.

E Burns

via email


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