YOUR LETTERS: Anaerobic digester in Tongue End will add to road problems

Protests against anaerobic digester plant
Protests against anaerobic digester plant
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I write regarding your story in the Lincolnshire Free Press of the proposed anaerobic digester in Tongue End.

Mr Branton claims that it will be serviced, in the main, by private farm roadways.

Can he demonstrate that there are private roadways connecting his extensive land holdings in Cloot Drove, Crowland, the Moulton Chapel area, land to the south of Littleworth Drove, Owens Farm, North Drove, Horseshoe Road to the east of Horseshoe Bridge, land in between Jordans Bank and South Drove and land between South Drove and Cradge Bank?

As one of the residents of Horseshoe Road, we know first hand that even harvesting one field of maize caused a complaint to be made about the state of the highway.

The mud on the roads from potato and sugar beet harvesting is bad enough, without having it added to by another crop.