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Nothing wrong with a memorial

Regarding erecting a roadside memorial to the pigs that died in the A16 lorry crash last week, there is nothing wrong with expressing concern for animals who are at our mercy – and usually, humans show little of that.

What about putting up memorials at some of the sites of pig barns where thousands of animals have died due to fire? What a horrible way to die.

Too bad there is so little concern for animal welfare.

Faye Thompson

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Thoughtless and brutal

I feel that even asking the question if compassionate responses are over-reacting says it all.

The societal attitude to animals for meat is inconsiderate, thoughtless and overall, brutal.

If this were a human accident it would be national news. ‘But pigs are different’ you say? How. Only because of how we treat them.

They are capable of bringing up and caring for young, having bonds between themselves and non genetically related companions.

They breathe, can feel pain, bleed when injured, feel fear, feel pleasure... the only difference is that they cannot talk; therefore that seems to make it okay that us human beings abuse them and treat them as we do.

The standard attitude is wrong, not the attitude of the compassionate few.

Karen West

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PETA doing a great job

Thank you for inviting comments about whether PETA were over the top with their request for a memorial for the pigs killed in the horrific accident on Thursday.

People need to know where their meat comes from, what is actually involved, and the suffering that goes into making their bacon.

So yes I agree that PETA are doing a great job and a 
memorial would be very appropriate. It is time we started treating animals like the sentient intelligent beings that they are. The more people who become vegan because of this the better.

Jean Bird

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I have a conscience

I feel PETA are absolutely correct to want to place a memorial to the pigs killed in the incident at Cowbit.

I live in the South Holland 
area but travel in the area only maybe once a year as I cannot stomach seeing the lorries heading to the abattoir.

I became a vegetarian over 20 years ago because I have a conscience as to how animals are reared, transported and culled.

All animals are sentient 
beings and deserve respect. I hope the council allow the memorial but fear they won’t because of their ties to the pork processing industry.

Gena F

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Disgusted at responses

Quite frankly I am shocked and disgusted at the 
responses from some of your correspondents regarding the deaths and injuries sustained by pigs on their way to slaughter .

Clearly some people need to learn decency and compassion for fellow sentient beings and for more respect to the people with these qualities that have also been abused.

I fear for the future of man(un)kind if these nasty and uncaring attitudes prevail.

Somewhat ashamed to be a resident of this county but my gratitude is to those who did care.

John Bateman

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How must it have felt?

I think it’s a wonderful idea to erect a memorial for the dead pigs.

We know pigs are intelligent, playful, social animals and have feelings very much like ours.

We only have to put ourselves in their situation and feel how it must be for them being transported they knew not where, and then suddenly thrown around, injured, even killed in this horrific accident.

Roberta Balfour

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Who gave us the right?

I think this accident is an absolute tragedy. This lorry was carrying animals to their death, already traumatised by the experience.

Isn’t it about time, in this day and age, that we stopped eating other animals? Who gave us the right to take their lives away?

We don’t have that right, we share this world with other species, it’s their world too. I have been a vegan for some years now, and I’m so glad I gave up meat all those years ago. Meat is actually very bad for you and the incidents of cancer associated with meat-eating are high.

The price for meat consumption on a world-wide scale is extremely costly.

The environment is devastated by the land and water use that is required to feed and water animals for slaughter. Rain forests and those that live in them have paid a high price for this loss and once you destroy a rainforest, it doesn’t come back, because the land is destroyed forever.

If humans do not wake up to the catastrophe that is meat eating, we will ALL pay the costs.

We are unhealthy because of eating meat, the planet is suffering because of it and the animals suffer on a scale that is tremendously high.

This accident made me feel sick and I can only hope that as generations come along, these younger people will decide to not eat meat any more, because they are perhaps more in tune with the world we live in and what is required for a better future. I work in a university and I can definitely say that more and more younger people are making the decision to not eat meat, for all the reasons I have mentioned above.

One day, I hope that people will be saying: “Did we really used to eat other animals.”

Jackie Bodimead

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