YOUR LETTERS: A16 pig deaths

PETA wants to erect this memorial at the site where the pigs died.
PETA wants to erect this memorial at the site where the pigs died.
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Readers’ views on the pigs that died in the lorry crash on the A16 recently.

How is accident scene okay?

How would your story (about calls for a roadside memorial for pigs killed in a lorry crash on the way to the abbatoir – 
editor) play out if the truck had been full of dogs? Or perhaps horses?
Are you aware that pigs are more intelligent and socially more complex than dogs?
So... how, in any way, is this accident scene OK? 
A memorial would be wonderful and appropriate.

Donna Knauber

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Take request seriously

Please take seriously the PETA request for a memorial plaque for the animals involved in a motorway accident.

Firstly, these pigs would not have been killed in the accident had they not in the first place been forced against their will into a vehicle to be taken to slaughter.

Secondly, because the choice to shoot the pigs who did not die in the accident is a second abhorrent act of murder.

Thirdly, as a permanent 
reminder to humans that our behaviour to other animals (and sometimes each other) constantly betrays our lack of feeling, empathy, kindness and disconnection from acts of love. 
Or to put it more bluntly – our vicious and ongoing cruelty and destruction of other animal species and the planet.

Sue Askew

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I’m ashamed to be a human

Humans are so greedy and inhumane. I’m ashamed to be part of the human race.

The meat and dairy industries have millions of deaths on their hands, not just the animals they so brutally treat, use and murder, but also the people who die from heart disease and cancer caused by the poison they continue to label as healthy.

I hope they allow the memorial to be placed by the roadside. Just because they are animals doesn’t make them any less important than humans. 
Everything wants to be loved and treated well. Every life wants the same. To survive and live in peace.

Tracey Kilpatrick

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Memorial please

I want to express my regards for those pigs that died and my sincerest hope that PETA are moving forward with plans to erect a memorial for them.

Alendra Pine

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