Your chance to question election candidates

Jane Smith
Jane Smith
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Candidates battling to be the next MP for South Holland and the Deepings have welcomed the chance to answer questions from Free Press readers.

We are giving you the chance to put questions to all six prospective parliamentary candidates – and their answers will be published in our sister paper the Spalding Guardian on Thursday, June 1, exactly a week before the election.

Julia Cambridge

Julia Cambridge

The candidates are Conservative John Hayes, who has been MP for the area since 1997, Labour’s Voyteck Kowalewski, Julia Cambridge of the Liberal Democrats, Jane Smith of UKIP, Dan Wilshire of the Green Party and Independent candidate Rick Stringer.

Mr Hayes told the Free Press: ““Living locally throughout my time as MP, I have listened to thousands of local people at surgeries, meetings, and events, learning a great deal. I am always happy to learn more, and to answer any question that is put to me.”

Mr Wilshire said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for the public to raise the issues most important to them, this is what democracy is all about.

“I look forward to having the opportunity to showcase how the Green Party would deal with the many pressing issues faced by the local community.”

John Hayes

John Hayes

For UKIP, Jane Smith said: “During such an important time for the the implementation of Brexit, it’s important for the public to understand the issues before they vote in the General election.

“This opportunity to question candidates about how their parties propose to move forward is very useful, there are several different ways the negotiations could go.

“UKIP hope that people will take advantage of this chance and thank the Lincolnshire Free Press for providing the opportunity to widen the debate.”

And Julie Cambridge, of the Liberal Democrats, said: “‘I’ve been getting out and about meeting local people and hearing their concerns. I’m sensing a real desire to 
debate the big issues facing us all in a potential post Brexit Britain.



“Whether it’s about local or national issues I relish the opportunity to hear about what’s important to you. That’s why I hope as many of you as possible submit a question to the Free Press.

“I look forward to giving the Liberal Democrat perspective on what matters to you.”

We have not yet managed to make contact with Mr Kowalewski or Mr Stringer.

Readers have from now until 5pm on Friday, May 19 to submit their questions.

Each question will be submitted to all six candidates so please do not ask questuions of individuals.

Email your questions to