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From Moulton Seas End to the North Pole as Ward's World looks at building Santa's Grotto

As the build up over the last six months gets nearer to the Christmas season I was reminded recently of a time wasting and at times beyond belief period concerning a ‘Santa’s Grotto’ that I was asked to design and build.

I was contacted via self a styled ‘promotion company’ (a person with delusions of grandeur in basic terms) on behalf of a chamber of trade or section of, in a town then not far from home - it was then August - about possibly constructing a grotto for Santa in the town shopping centre.

I attended a meeting where it seemingly consisted of a crop of undertakers who had brought their clients along with them, acouncil representative (?) to make the number up plus the loud mouth son of one of them who shouted ‘Rubbish!’ at just about everything constructive mentioned.

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