‘You shan’t go to the ball’

Not allowed to prom
Not allowed to prom
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A Spalding teenager, whose mum was taken to court for allowing her daughter’s absences from school, has been banned from saying goodbye to her friends at the annual prom.

Devon Baxter’s mum, Tracey, bought her a red ball gown ready for the combined schools event at Springfields next Friday – but says it will have to stay in the wardrobe.

Devon (16), of Chesnut Avenue, is a pupil at Sir John Gleed School in Spalding and officially leaves tomorrow.

She suffers psoriatic arthritis – a disease where joints around the body become inflamed and sore – which her mum says has been responsible for her missing nearly all of Year 10.

But in February, Tracey appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court because of the absences, which she still maintains were due to the pain Devon suffers due to her condition.

Tracey said: “I think it stinks she is being banned from going to the prom. They should punish kids if it’s their fault, but this wasn’t.

“We bought a dress and everything. It is so unfair.”

A spokesman for the school said: “It is not appropriate for the school to comment on individual cases.

“The school has clear disciplinary procedures in place and these are uniformly applied to all pupils.”

In the meantime, Tracey and Devon are focusing on having their heads shaved in a sponsored hair cut for Macmillan Cancer Support.

It will take place at the Black Swan pub on Saturday. Tracey said: “We all know someone affected by cancer and this charity is such a good cause. We wanted to do something.”

You can sponsor them by visiting the Tracey N Nigel Baxter Facebook page.