‘You have the power to save your library’

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‘The ball’s in your court.’

That is the message to residents across South Holland who do not want to see their local library close.

Spalding Guardian readers have been expressing their concern about the public consultations, especially as none are being held in locations where closure is threatened.

Jayne Stevens said she was less than impressed at a public meeting about the proposed closure of the Deepings library.

She said: “At a well-attended public meeting last Thursday at the Deeping Community Centre regarding the closure of the Deepings library, the two senior representatives, Nick Worth and Jonathon Platt, were unavailable to make their case – despite reassurances they would face the public.

“To make our voice heard we will need to attend a public consultation at the South Holland Centre in Spalding at 2pm on Monday – a time that many people will be at work or school/college.

“The suggestion that Deeping residents can use Stamford library, which involves a round trip of about 20 miles, via a busy level crossing, to a town where parking is an ongoing problems, does not meets the needs of users.”

Coun Worth said it would be impossible to attend every meeting and the one in Deeping was too short notice.

He said: “The venues for public consultations were chosen for easy access and to allow for as many people to attend as possible.

“People are approaching this all wrong.

“Where libraries are threatened with closure, rather than assuming it will happen, a group or business could fill in a simple three-page expression of interest to run it as volunteers.This could work well in places such as Crowland, where a voluntary group already helps out with the running of the library.

“If people take the route that their library will close it probably will. But if they take the other route it will probably be there for 20 years.

“The ball’s in their court.”