Work starts on ‘scaffold skeleton’

Spalding Water Tower, scaffolding erected for re-paint
Spalding Water Tower, scaffolding erected for re-paint
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Scaffolding is slowly beginning to cover Spalding’s iconic water tower in preparation for its first paint job in 20 years.

Chatterton Tower is 
undergoing a six-month facelift which will result in it being transformed back to its former glory.

When work finishes in September, it will be totally cleaned and re-painted in its hallmark tulip colours.

The scaffolding work started last week and will take six weeks to complete.

After that, the scaffolding skeleton around the tower will be wrapped in a polythene cover. Although the steam clean techniques being used to clean and repaint the tower are gentle, the polythene covers provide an extra barrier to stop any debris escaping.

After steam cleaning the tower, it will then be repainted.

Photo (TIM WILSON): SG030417-104TW